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Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches.

Poland is a member of the European Union and also a part of the change in area. A beautiful country in the Baltic region, Poland is known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage. It is the sixth biggest economy in Europe and is extremely developed both socially and economically.

Our immigration experts at Flying Express Migration are here to provide you with professional assistance regarding documentation and other legal processes. As a pioneer in providing immigration and work permit consultancy services, our team of experts are always here to assist you with Poland immigration from Dubai.

Immigration Services Offered by Us:

When on a lookout for Poland immigration from Dubai, you need to hire immigration consultants who are trustworthy and efficient. To this end, Flying Express Migration can provide you with the following services:

  • We help proficient guidance on your present migration status alongside the conventions that will occur in applying for movement in your nation of decision.
  • Building up the best system for your application – we assemble the most grounded case dependent on your conditions and needs.
  • Managing for your sake, with Government and non-Government offices/Immigration division.
  • Furnish choices as per your abilities and training to meet the prerequisites of that nation.
  • Give counsel regarding guaranteeing that your application cycle is smooth and furnishes you with a positive outcome.
  • Giving our esteemed customer fantastic Customer Service.
“Hello, I just want to tell you that I am really thankful to Flying Express Migration and after my marriage my husband shifted to Canada as he got a very good opportunity. It was a sudden decision and the office was looking after his immigration process. After that, I was completely lost as I don’t have any idea what to do. I definitely don’t want that him would miss the opportunity because of me. That’s why I supported this hurried decision.”

Nisha Chaudhary

Skilled Immigration

For those of you who are looking at Poland immigration from Dubai, skilled immigration is one of the most common avenues that is chosen. Depending upon how you fit into the various eligibility criteria that the Polish government has set forth for work permits, we at Flying Express Migration help you in finding the best fit. We will provide you with the following services:

  • One-year work license will be given which will be extended out to two additional years.
  • Transportation and Accommodation will be given (if the candidate works with the same employer in Poland)
  • The First 2 months preparing will be given under a similar organization
  • Complete handling time will be 4-6 months
  • 100% Success rate
  • Most of our candidates having a foundation of Driver/Construction labourer/specialized labourer/hospitality and cleaning specialist can fit under this residency program.

Residency by Investment

Poland is a member of the European Union and is found east of Germany. Poland offers temporary residency to business investors that need to begin a business in the nation. It fundamentally requires the financial specialist to set up business action and show that they create at any rate 16,000 EUR of pay a year to be qualified for a brief habitation grant. Following 3 years of holding the brief license, the outsider can apply for a Poland PR from Dubai.

Following 3 years of permanent residence, the foreigner can apply for citizenship into Polish citizenship. Citizenship by investment is likewise conceivable at the watchfulness of the administration. It is anything but a direct cycle, yet in the past financial specialists that had put above 1M EUR into the Polish economy had the option to get sped up citizenship.

Business Immigration

Some foreigners may establish and conduct business activity may take up and conduct business activity exclusively in the form of :

  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Joint Stock Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Joint Stock Company

Flying Express Migration helps start-ups and self-employed individuals invest in an overseas business opportunity and our team of immigration experts help you in securing the best experience of Poland immigration from Dubai.

Student Visa

Poland is probably the best nation to proceed with your higher studies. Concentrating abroad gives you numerous open doors for self-headway. In the event that you are happy to concentrate there, you will make the best venture on yourself. Flying Express Migration can get you out with your student visa for Poland.

With the assistance of our accomplished student visa consultants in Dubai, after the total documentation, you can present your application online or the closest Poland Visa Office. The consulate has the option to request extra documentation as security or clinical evidence.

Thus, you ought to be ready for that. In the event that your application is cleared, you will be required a meeting and it is the last phase of visa issuance. You get so close in living your dream of Poland immigration from Dubai.

Enrolment Requirements

The prerequisites rely upon a particular college choice and can be guided. Generally, it's important to fill an application structure, and encase the record of optional school (or school/college) results such as proof of English proficiency (normally TOEFL results). A few colleges require letters of recommendation, personal essays, and other documents, listed on their websites. Art schools, just as some physical training offices, and not many different ones, compose extra fitness tests.

Work Permit in Poland

As a non-EU/EEA or non-Swiss resident, in the event that you wish to live and work in Poland legitimately, you have to apply for a valid visa with the authorities. Flying Express Migration is here to help you with the entire process so as to facilitate your Poland immigration from Dubai.

Polish missions’ issue three distinct kinds of visas: Airport Transit Visas (A), Short-Stay (Schengen) Visas (C), and National Long-Stay Visas (D). Expats whose tasks surpass 90 days need to apply for a long-term visa, which additionally permits them to visit other Schengen nations. Schengen visas are valid for 3 months – In any case, so as to legitimately work in Poland, expats need to apply for a work permit with their visa.

Types of Work Permit

There are 5 types of work permits that are issued by Poland currently:

Type A: This type of work permit is relevant if you are employed either on the basis of employment contract or civil law contract by an employer with an office registered in Poland. This is the most popular work permit.

Type B: Choose this type if you are performing a board member function and residing in Poland for a total period that exceeds 6 months within a period of 12 subsequent months.

Type C: This one will be relevant if you are delegated to Poland by a foreign employer for a period that exceeds 30 days in a calendar year to work for the foreign employer’s subsidiary or branch.

Type D: Another popular one, this one would be the one to choose if you are delegated by a foreign employer to work in export services in an occasional and temporary manner. It is important that the foreign employer does not have a branch or subsidiary of its own in Poland.

Type E: Choose this type if you are undertaking work-related tasks which do not fall into any of the four categories above. This is, as you presume, the rarest type of a work permit.

Pre-Requisites of the Poland Program

General Visa Application Form Requirements for Poland include:

  • Get the Polish Visa application form and you have to fill it completely with sincerity. The Embassy allows both hand written or electronically typed Visa form hard copy.
  • You have to add 2 passport size photos must be attached in the application form.
  • Your current passport valid for at least 3 three months Beyond return date and copies of your previous visas are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages so that the embassy can put a stamp on that.
  • Travel medical insurance confirmation of about 30,000 € at least coverage within Poland and the entire Schengen area.
  • A cover letter is also required that informs about the purpose of your visit to Poland and route.
  • You will also need reservations of flight air tickets with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Poland.
  • Reserved Hotel Booking documents for the whole duration of the intended stay in Poland.
  • Proof of civil status. You need to show your marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse or ration card if it is an applicable situation.
  • You have to show valid means of subsistence. According to this requirement you have to show the embassy that you have sufficient sources that will take care of your whole visit. It can be your own wealth or any sponsor

The residence card is issued for the duration of your stay. For more information you can consult Flying Express Migration. Other than that, when you receive your own residence card it will be your identity and you will be able to live as an employee in Poland.

Why Choose Us for Poland Work Permit Visa

If you are planning on getting a Poland PR from Dubai or looking at work permits and student visas, Flying Express Migration is the right fit for you for everything immigration related. Our immigration consultants will provide you with professional assistance related to all your documentation and filing needs. Giving you best-in-class service – keep all your stress and worries aside – just sit back and relax, while we take care of all your immigration needs