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Albania is a country located in South-eastern Europe in the Balkan Peninsula with an Adriatic and Ionian coastline. Neighbouring countries include Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. Albania has a strategic location along the Strait of Otranto linking to the Mediterranean Sea. The government system is a republic; the chief of state is the president, and the head of government is the prime minister. Albania, having transitioned from a centrally-planned state in the 1990s, is an open-market economy in which the prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system. Albania is a member of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA).

Capital City: Tirana (+1 GMT)

Currency: Lek (ALL)

Population: 2,837,743 (2020)


Persons who are not Albanian citizens and wish to work in Albania need a work permit issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The granting or refusal of a work permit is done within a period of 10 days after submitting the appropriate documentation.
A work permit can be granted with or without time restrictions. The validity period of the work permit is based on the type of work permit and also in the nationality of the employee. The work permit will expire if the deadline is exceeded, if the foreigner leaves Albania for a period longer than six months or does not start the activity for a period of three months from the date the work permit is issued.
The request for renewal is submitted at least 30 days before the expiration of the existing permit. The competent authority issues the renewed permit within 30 days from submission of the complete application and fulfilment of the conditions for renewal.

Citizens of the European Union (EU) and Schengen countries have the same employment rights as Albanian citizens, except when the legislation may require Albanian citizenship for certain positions. US citizens can also stay in Albania for at least a year without a residence permit and they as well have the same employment rights as Albanian citizens.

There are four main Albanian work permit categories:

  • Type A:Permits for economic activities for employees
  • Type B:Independent economic activity permits
  • Type C:Permits for special occasions
  • Type D:Permanent work permits for eligible foreigners

Documents required to obtain a work permit:

  • Standard application form signed by your employee
  • A National Registration Centre extract confirming your registration as an employer
  • The applicant’s employment contract
  • Copy of their passport
  • Five photos

Employees will also need to pay for their First Work Permit ALL 6,000, or about 45 EUR, to get a work permit from the General Directorate of National Labour Service or the Labour Office of the relevant territory. After being provided with the work permit, a foreigner should apply and obtain Type D Visa (this depends from the person nationality) and Residence Permit.


International students who intend to study in Albania, then they must apply for Student Visa. The Albania Study Visa is only issued by the Albania Immigration Department.
The initial step is to fill the Application Form at least three months before the course start date in order to avoid any delay or last-minute rush and then submit it to the Immigration Department through your regional consulate. It is important to note that EU countries are exempted from VISAs to Albania!

Follow these simple steps to apply for study visa in Albania-

  • Fill out the application forms.
  • After completing the forms, directly submit it to the Immigration Department at least 3 months prior to the start of the course.
  • All the forms must be tested by the Ministry of Education and it must be signed by the concerned College or University.

Visa Eligibility

The following criteria must be met.

  1. A letter of acceptance must be provided demonstrating that an applicant has been offered a place on a full-time course of study at a recognized educational institution.
  2. Candidates must be able to demonstrate evidence of enough funds to support themselves in the country.
  3. It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full.
  4. Private medical insurance must be arranged and documentary evidence of this must be provided.
  5. It must be the candidate's demonstrable intention to return to their own country at the end of their period of study.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs authorizes the visa, you can then apply at one of the Embassies or Consulates near you by submitting the following documents:

  • Proof of authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (e.g., Visa Authorization Number)
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your high school diploma or other previous academic qualifications
  • A medical report issued by a certified medical practitioner which states you are not infected with any contagious diseases. The report must have been issued within the last three months.
  • Police clearance, issued within the last six months

Important things to note

Once you submit the completed application, you have to wait for one to seven days for the application to be processed, although it may take longer depending on the specific Embassy/Consulate. After your application has been processed, you can pick up your visa during the pick-up hours.
Since different Embassies or Consulates may have their own rules and requirements, it is always advisable to contact them first. You’ll learn about whether you need to make an appointment, their opening hours, and their specific requirements.


Residency by Investment in it can be obtained by establishing a company.
Establishing a company there is not difficult. Just needs to come to the notary’s office for a one-day visit only. When starting a small business in Albania you will spend a small amount of money including government fees, services of a notary and a lawyer.

What are the Advantages of the Residency by Investment Program in Albania?

  1. The most suitable program for families in comparison with the Investment Residency programs in Europe.
  2. Currently, this is the fastest program, as it takes only two months to obtain an investor’s residence permit after submitting of application.
  3. There are no language requirements for obtaining residency.
  4. In addition, complete confidentiality in procedures’ implementation.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining Residency by Investment in Albania?

  1. Obtaining citizenship after a permanent residence in Albania for 7 years.
  2. It is a candidate country for membership of the European Union no later than 2027.
  3. Enjoy travelling to more than 114 countries around the world visa-free when obtaining Albanian citizenship after a permanent residence in Albania for 5 years.
  4. Albanian passport is currently ranked 54 in the world and is expected to become stronger after Albania joins the European Union.
  5. Flexible and unrestricted tax policies with opportunities for income through real estate.
  6. Providing health care and free education system.
  7. Low living costs.
  8. Raw environment to start new projects and establish companies.
  9. Albania is a member of The United Nations (UN) and a member of NATO since 2009. The Council of Europe, in addition to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the World Trade Organization.

Required Documents for Residency by Investment Application in Albania:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Three biometric photos.
  • Newly issued birth certificate, certified and translated into Albanian language.
  • Clean criminal record.

Steps to obtain Residency by investment in Albania:

  • Firstly, signing a contract with NTL and making the first payment.
  • Secondly, prepare official papers and sending them to the NTL’s lawyer there.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, preparing and submitting the project or business plan to be established.
  • Moreover, establishing the company, then opening a bank account, and obtaining a visa to Albania.
  • Finally, receiving the investor residency.
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